Tom's Antique Radio Repair

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Transistor Radio Repair




AM transistor radio's

Flat Rate Repair - $75.00

 The flat rate does include the replacement of most of the electrolytic capacitors. The 1st 5 are free, the rest @ $3.95 ea. Most AM radios only have 5, AM/FM's will have more. 

What is not included in the flat rate?  

 Antennas, batteries, battery holders, controls, diodes, speaker replacement/repair, transformers or transistors.

Your radio will cost $75.00 plus shipping unless it needs any of the above parts.

Small AM/FM & Multiband transistor radio's

$45/hour plus parts w/2hr min.

Larger AM/FM radios will be a $67.50 plus parts with a 2 hour minimum.

Zenith TransOceanic radios

Repair rate for a transistor multiband radio is $67.50 labor plus parts with a 2 hour minimum. 

What to send with your radio?  

Send battery(s) with your radio - except radios using " C or D" cells. They are too heavy.

If it has a removable leather case, please leave that at home.

No micro-mini radios - 3 x3 or smaller!

AM Transistor Car Radio's

  $150.00 plus parts. Must have mechanical tuning, no digital displays. AM Only.

I cannot work on your radio if the mechanical tuning does not move the dial pointer.

AM Tube Car Radio's - See "Tube Radio Repair" to the Left.


How to send in your radio 

See the "Send In Your Radio" page to the left.

Do not send any money with your radio.