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All have had their capacitors changed, repaired, aligned and played many hours to assure reliability and carry a 1 year warranty.

If interested in any of the radios below, copy and paste my e-mail address into your mail program and provide the following information:

Your name and zip code

Make and model of the radio.



1956 Arvin Model 954P, AC, AM, 5 tubes. 10" Wide, 8" High,4" Deep. This used to be portable but the battery connections have been removed. Those 90 volt batteries did not last very long anyway. A big radio with big sound. Great baseball radio. $95


1959 GE Model T141A, AM, AC. 12" Wide, 6" Tall, 5" Deep. Plastic, Dual speakers provide a nice sound. Cabinet in great shape. A nice radio. $95


1960 RCA Model 1-F-1, FM, AC, 5 tubes. 13" Wide, 8" Tall, 6" Deep. Plastic, front round dial over lattice grille area, 2 knobs. FM only, great reception and sound. $95



1934 Emerson Model 50B-1, AM, AC, 5 tubes, 9" Wide, 5" Tall, 6" Deep. Plastic, lower front slide rule dial, upper perforated grille area with center round logo, 2 knobs. Cracks on front right side corner and on top - see pictures. Cracks have been repaired on the inside and are not as noticeable as they are with the flash camera. Great little radio with good sound. $85.00



1946 GE  Model 114W, AC, AM, 5 Tubes. 12 " Wide, 8" Tall, 7" Deep. Ivory plastic, lower front slide rule dial, upper horizontal  louvers, 2 knobs. Cabinet in great condition, nice sound and good reception. $145



1948 Arvin Model 358-T, AC, AM, 5 tubes, 10" Wide, 6" Tall, 6" Deep. Plastic, left raised half-round dial over horizontal wrap-around louvers, 2 knobs and a lighted dial. A cute little radio, shows some wear on the cabinet good sound and reception. $85