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All have had their capacitors changed, repaired, aligned and played many hours to assure reliability and carry a 1 year warranty.

 If interested in any of the radios below, copy and paste my e-mail address  into your mail program and provide the following information:

Your Name and Zip Code

Make and model of the radio

BC = Standard AM Broadcast Band




1929 Atwater-Kent Model 55, AM, AC, Metal case, 7 tubes. 21" Wide, 8" Tall, 11" Deep. Three knobs, from left to right - Local/Distant, Tuning, Volume and a on/off toggle switch. Radio has been completely restored, works great for its age. Picks up a lot of stations on a 20 foot length of wire. Speaker type F4-A, has new grille cloth and does sound good. I would recommend a local pick up here in Dayton, Ohio due to the weight of the speaker and radio. Radio weights 50 pounds and the speaker 23 pounds. Will ship but it will be expensive. Note: Speaker was not designed to sit on top of the radio during normal operation. Was convenient for the photo only. Radio does get warm so the top cover should be removed when playing. $450.00  Now $395



1937 Goodyear Model 1173. AC, 26" Wide, 41" Tall, 14" Deep, 60 pounds. 3 Bands - Broadcast (535 - 1720Khz), Shortwave (5.5 - 18.1Mhz) and Police (1690 - 5300Khz). 4 knobs, lighted dial, completely refurbished inside and out. Radio works great on all bands along with good sound. Has built in antenna that is wrapped around the inside of the cabinet. Missing some veneer on the front, see pictures.  $450.00  Radio must go! Make me a reasonable offer!


1962 Zenith Model L727, AM/FM, AC, 7 tubes. 13" Wide, 7" Tall, 7"Deep. Plastic, right front round dial over checkered grille area, left alarm clock face, 4 knobs. Cabinet shows wear and scratches on top and sides. Good sounding, nice looking radio. $75 


1955 Zenith
Model R723, AM/FM, AC, 7 tubes, 13" Wide, 8" Tall, 7" Deep. Plastic, off-center round dial over speaker grille cloth with a crest on the right hand side, 3 knobs. Cabinet case shines like new, radio sounds great on both AM & FM.  $195  Now $135


1960 RCA
Model 1F2D, FM, AC, 5 tubes. 13" Wide, 8" Tall, 6" Deep. Plastic, front round dial over lattice grille area, 2 knobs. FM only. Radio shows some nicks but not many. Cabinet in good condition, On/Off/ Volume decals on left knob are worn off. Nice radio. $125

1936 RCA Model 5T1, AC, BC/SW, 5 tubes, 13" Wide, 17" Tall, 8" Deep. Wood, center front dial, upper cloth grille with cut-outs, 4 knobs. Completely refurbished inside and out, a great performing radio in a nice looking case. $225 Now $195


1950 Westinghouse
Model H-307T7, AM/FM, AC, 14" Wide, 9" Tall, 7" Deep, 7 Tubes. Brown plastic, lower front slide rule dial, upper horizontal louvers, 2 knobs.
Clear coat applied to cabinet, looks good. Nice working radio. $145  Now $120


1941 Motorola Model 61X14, AM, AC, 14" Wide, 9" Tall, 7" Deep. 6 tubes. 2 knobs, horizontal speaker grille, top slide rule dial. Cabinet has not been refinished but was touched up with varnish. AM broadcast band, works and sounds great. $135  Now $115


1940 Crosley Model 11-AH, AM, AC, 12" Wide, 6" Deep, 9" Tall. Plastic case, right front dial, left wrap-around louvers, 2 knobs, lighted dial, receives the standard AM broadcast band, 5 tubes. A cute little radio that looks and sounds good. $155 Now $95



1956 General Electric Model 474, AC, AM, 5 Tubes, 11 " Wide, 7" Tall, 5" Deep. Plastic, left front lattice grille, right front round dial, 2 knobs. Cute little table radio, works good. $125.00  Now $75