Tom's Antique Radio Repair

Lets Get That Old Radio of Yours Working Again!

Before and After Photos Page 1

1932 Philco Model 43H, BC/SW

Before                             Finished 11-20-2017

1940 Zenith Model 5-G-442, BC/SW

Before                           Finished 8-2017
The radio could not be repaired correctly, but I wanted to show how nicely the cabinet turned out.

1952 GM Model 430, AM

Before  Finished 07-12-2017

 1938 Zenith Model 5-S-327, BC/SW, Tombstone


Before                      Finished 03-19-2017

1949 Philco Model 49-1602, AM/Phono

Before                         Finished 02-03-2017

1933 GE Model K-50, BC

Before                           Finished 01-30-2017